Hello Wedding World!

Welcome to Coordinated For You blog

Welcome to Coordinated For You, developed through the eyes of an aspiring wedding planner. This blog offers practical tips and advice, inspiration and fun D.I.Y’s, the latest trends and so much more. From the designer bride to the budget savvy, there’s always something here for everyone! In addition, I will be showcasing my journey to becoming a professional wedding planner.

A little bit about me

Perfectionist, planning freak, loves lists…so organising and paying attention to the little details is something that’s just in my nature. I guess my love for organising events started when I planned a special event of mine. I had so much fun sourcing my venue, suppliers and (once again) taking care of all the little but meaningful details, that I believed this was something I could do as a career. In addition, I have attended many weddings and events that I believe could have been better organised, so this also sparked the aspiration to becoming a Wedding Planner.

With a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology along with my various roles in retail, catering and hospitality, I possess the ability of being attentive to client needs, as well as maintaining my skills of communication, research, numbers, problem solving and time management.

Presently I’m in the process of business planning, which includes attending business seminars and workshops, carrying out in-depth research of the UK wedding market, and taking hold of every opportunity that will bring me one step closer to my craft.
So stay tuned for my future blog posts. I hope you’ll be inspired…



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