The perfect dress for your bridesmaids…

One dress, two sizes, four lengths, 15 ways to wear, 19 colors….Too good to be true? Well read on….

Finding the perfect dress and style for your bridesmaids can be a hard task. The mission of trying to satisfy all of your bridesmaid’s tastes, as well as finding a dress that suits each of their figures can be a stressful event. Well, those days of trailing into every shop and issues of disagreement are now long gone….

Why do I say this then…? Well a company by the name of Twobirds have successfully designed the ‘one dress’, which are ideal for bridesmaids! Not only can it be worn on you and your grooms big day, but your bridesmaids can wear it to any special event thereafter. Simply amazing!

  • Multiway dress
  • Sizes 4-24
  • No alterations needed
  • Luxurious jersey blend
  • Straps can be wrapped, twisted, folded and tied
  • Different necklines to suit each body shape

The London Boutique hosting these dresses can be found in Notting Hill, where you are free to visit with your bridesmaids, with an appointment. What’s more, if you and your bridesmaids are all tied up and finding it hard to pick a date that suits you all, so that you can try on your dresses, Twobirds also offer the opportunity of sending samples anywhere in the UK for a 7 day trial period so the dresses can be tried on at home. Online stockists include Nordstorm and Shopbop.

With this great innovation, your bridesmaids can look fantastic on your day, without having to compromise personal style!

Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses

Credit: Image via

Two birds rosette collection

Credit: Image via The brides cafe


Credit: Image via Inhabitat


Credit: Image via Rustic Wedding Chic


Have you recently wed and have photos of your bridesmaids in Twobirds dresses? Why not send them in? I would love to see how each one styled theirs, whether it was a uniform style or an opportunity to showcase individual personalities.


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