How to Select a Wedding Reception Venue: 4 Simple Steps

How to select a Wedding Reception Venue

1. Location, Location, Location

When choosing a location think about how close your wedding ceremony venue and wedding reception venue are. If you know your guests are going to be unfamiliar with the area it may be better to choose a venue that holds both your events. For example, a country house can usually host both your wedding ceremony and reception.

On the other hand, you could ensure that both venues are in easy commutable distance from each other. This way guests should not find it hard to travel to your wedding reception venue.

If both venues are quite far apart you may want to think about hiring a large coach or two for them to be transported in after the ceremony. This will ensure that your guests arrive on time, altogether and save any of them from getting lost.

2. Initial search

There are many places to search for your wedding reception venue. These can include directories, Internet, wedding magazines, wedding fairs and word of mouth.

Remember to take a note of what you are getting for the price of each venue e.g., cost to hire venue, venue capacity, food cost per head, package per person, house wine costs, corkage fees, marquee site, distance from ceremony venue, transport links etc

3. Gather information

Select at least 8 venues that you favour. Initially, shortlist this to 4 venues. Contact these venues and find out whether they can hold your wedding on your specified date and enquire about any other details you wish to know more about. Now, you may be disappointed as some of these venues may not be able to cater to your requirements. This now leaves you to go back to the other 4 potential venues that you looked at.

4. Final shortlist and visits

Once you have created your short-list make appointments to visit your potential wedding reception venues so you can get a feel of the layout, size etc

So there you have it, 4 simple steps to selecting a wedding reception venue. I hope you found this helpful!

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Do you have any other tips for selecting a reception venue for a wedding, if so I would love to hear from you

Image Credit: Dream wedding receptions


Designers of the week: Monique L’huillier and Reem Acra – Spring 2013 bridal collections

Last week I was inundated with pictures from my twitter followers of wedding dresses from the bridal market in New York. As you may know by now, one of the most talked about spring 2013 collections was that from Vera Wang.

However, two collections really captured my attention and these were from the designers by the names of Monique L’huillier and Reem Acra. I was going to select just one of the spring 2013 collections to feature on today’s post, however I just couldn’t do it.

Monique L’huillier’s use of lace, bows and sequins created a real fantasy theme. Her collection of wedding dresses I believe has something for every bride….short hemmed, mermaid, ballgown and strapless. I love her combination of lace and tulle on the dresses, which are great for brides that like the combination of both. Every time I see this collection I fall in love with a different piece. Below are some of my favourite pieces.

MONIQUE LHUILLIER 2013 bridal collection

MONIQUE LHUILLIER Spring 2013 bridal collection

MONIQUE LHUILLIER Spring 2013 bridal collection

Reem Acra apparently looked to the garden for inspiration. Her collection comprises of dresses that can be converted into beautiful eveningwear for the bride e.g., detachable skirts. Again  i’ve posted a few images of the dresses that I adore.

reem-acra-spring 2013

reem-acra-spring 2013

reem-acra-spring 2013

Let me know what you think about the collections? I’d love to hear if you have a personal favourite from the dresses that debuted on the New York runway last week.

Finding a Wedding Photographer: Tips and Questions to ask

wedding couple

A beautiful moment captured. Credit: Image via Grey likes weddings

I recently read an online newspaper article titled ‘Are these Britain’s worst wedding pictures? Newlyweds devastated as photographers fail to get couple in frame and took blurry shots‘. If I were in their shoes I would have been devastated too!

Most people only get married once. Therefore your wedding day photos needs to capture precious memories and happy moments, not blurred photographs that do not include your immediate family or shots with no one paying attention. Regardless if you’ve only spent a small amount of your wedding budget on your wedding photography, you should still expect to receive decent quality images that compliment your day.

If you have no clue on where to start searching for a photographer, you may want to contact a local wedding planner. They would have planned many weddings and should therefore be able to source this supplier for you (at a fee). In most cases they would have worked with the photographer before at a wedding, and therefore would be able to provide a good testimonial for that person’s work. This can ultimately save you from a disaster like the one featured in the article.

On the other hand, if you are happy to find your own photographer I have put together a list of questions you may want to ask and also a few things you should consider.

Where do you want your photos to be taken? Bride’s house, ceremony, reception etc

What style of photos would you like? Traditional style photos, where you and your guests pose for pictures, reportage style photos, where natural, unposed shots are taken or a mixture of both?

You may want to check with your registrar/ vicar/ reception venue to see whether photos are allowed to be taken and also at which intervals of the ceremony. For example, some register offices only allow this to happen before and after the ceremony.

Some questions you may want to ask…

  • Can we see images of the person’s work that will be present on our wedding day?
  • What are your fees i.e., deposit, installments, final payment?
  • How long will photographs be taken for?
  • Do you have professional indemnity insurance?
  • What contingency plans do you have in case something goes wrong? E.g., camera fault
  • Do you have any former clients we can contact for references?
  • Can we have a look at a copy of your contract?
  • Do you belong to any professional photography association?
  • How would you define your style?
  • Will you be able to incorporate some shots we have in mind? Is there an extra fee for this?
  • Do you do a mixture of black and white and coloured photos?
  • How will you supply our images? e.g., CD, prints etc
  • I hope this has been helpful for anyone trying to find a ‘good’ wedding photographer. It’s a once in a lifetime event, so make sure you get what you are paying for and don’t settle for less.Edmina

Vera Wang Wedding Dress Collection – Spring 2013

Vera Wang’s spring 2013 bridal collection will surely make you stand out on your wedding day. Yesterday, the designer revealed 15 impressive dresses, all radiating with crimson, cardinal, vermillion, dahlia and scarlet reds. One of her last collections featured black and nude wedding dresses, so its no surprise Vera stepped up the ingenuity once again.

On the other hand, brides of eastern cultures wear red as it symbolises luck, happiness and success. Even in some of the African cultures, the traditional wear of brides can include red garments of clothing.

Vera Wang_Cardinal strapless ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Cardinal strapless ballgown with hand-rolled floral detail skirt and horsehair trim

Vera Wang_Cardinal mermaid gown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Cardinal mermaid gown with asymmetrical crisscross tulle draped neckline and hand-rolled floral appliqué detail skirt

Vera Wang_Crimson strapless ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Crimson strapless ballgown with hand-draped tulle bodice and honeycomb tulle skirt with embellished floating Chantilly lace and bias-cut organza ruffle detail

Vera Wang_crimson strapless mermaid gown_Spring 2013 bridal collection

Crimson strapless mermaid gown with corset bodice and honeycomb tulle skirt with hand-rolled floral embellished detail

Vera Wang_Dahlia mermaid gown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Dahlia mermaid gown with chevron pleated bodice and pleated tulle skirt with hand-rolled floral appliqué shoulder detail

Vera Wang_Dahlia strapless ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Dahlia strapless ballgown with notched neckline and lifted tulle skirt with crystal embroidered detail

Vera Wang_Vermillion V–neck mermaid gown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Vermillion V–neck mermaid gown with alternating sheered tulle flange skirt and crystal embroidered shoulder detail

Vera Wang_Cardinal strapless collapsed ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Cardinal strapless collapsed ballgown with tiered flange detail skirt and crystal embroidered silk, hand-cut floral accents

Vera Wang_Scarlet mermaid gown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Scarlet mermaid gown with tiered, micro–bias bodice and inverted flange skirt with abstract floral shoulder corsage detail

Vera Wang_Scarlet strapless ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Scarlet strapless ballgown with tulle panel skirt and embellished flange appliqué and hand-rolled floral, Chantilly lace detail

Vera Wang_Cardinal one-shoulder ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Cardinal one-shoulder ballgown with sheared flange bodice and swirling tumble tulle skirt with floating Chantilly lace embroidered appliqué

Vera Wang_Cardinal strapless bias-cut ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Cardinal strapless bias-cut ballgown with hand-rolled floral and floating Chantilly lace detail

Vera Wang_Vermillion strapless mermaid gown_spring 2013

Vermillion strapless mermaid gown with inverted flange bodice and crystal embroidered floral detail skirt

Vera Wang_Crimson strapless mermaid gown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Crimson strapless mermaid gown with hand-draped bodice and inverted flange skirt with embroidered crystal wheat detail

Vera Wang_Dahlia strapless open back, V-neck ballgown_spring 2013 bridal collection

Dahlia strapless open back, V-neck ballgown with lifted tulle skirt and tiered flange, hand-cut petal embroidered detail

How daring would you be to wear a red wedding gown on your special day? Would you rather stick to the traditional white? If you’ve been captivated by the collection, which one is your favourite? I would love to know your thoughts…leave a comment below.