How to Select a Wedding Reception Venue: 4 Simple Steps

How to select a Wedding Reception Venue

1. Location, Location, Location

When choosing a location think about how close your wedding ceremony venue and wedding reception venue are. If you know your guests are going to be unfamiliar with the area it may be better to choose a venue that holds both your events. For example, a country house can usually host both your wedding ceremony and reception.

On the other hand, you could ensure that both venues are in easy commutable distance from each other. This way guests should not find it hard to travel to your wedding reception venue.

If both venues are quite far apart you may want to think about hiring a large coach or two for them to be transported in after the ceremony. This will ensure that your guests arrive on time, altogether and save any of them from getting lost.

2. Initial search

There are many places to search for your wedding reception venue. These can include directories, Internet, wedding magazines, wedding fairs and word of mouth.

Remember to take a note of what you are getting for the price of each venue e.g., cost to hire venue, venue capacity, food cost per head, package per person, house wine costs, corkage fees, marquee site, distance from ceremony venue, transport links etc

3. Gather information

Select at least 8 venues that you favour. Initially, shortlist this to 4 venues. Contact these venues and find out whether they can hold your wedding on your specified date and enquire about any other details you wish to know more about. Now, you may be disappointed as some of these venues may not be able to cater to your requirements. This now leaves you to go back to the other 4 potential venues that you looked at.

4. Final shortlist and visits

Once you have created your short-list make appointments to visit your potential wedding reception venues so you can get a feel of the layout, size etc

So there you have it, 4 simple steps to selecting a wedding reception venue. I hope you found this helpful!

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Do you have any other tips for selecting a reception venue for a wedding, if so I would love to hear from you

Image Credit: Dream wedding receptions

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