This one is for the grooms: Finding a Wedding Suit

Recently I’ve come across several soon-to-be wed couples that have communicated they are finding it difficult to find a wedding suit, for the groom and groomsmen. Now you must be thinking how hard can this be? Well these are not just the typical suits you buy or hire; they are contemporary trendy suits for the fashion conscious men of today.

If you are in the same predicament and are on the search for trendy wedding suits that you can actually wear again, or simply just feel like you don’t want to compromise your individual style, then I have a few suggestions for you.

When it comes to wedding suits you have two options: hire or buy. Now from my experience if you are looking for that on trend suit your best bet is to go for the latter option. With regards to the hire option you may be able to find a nice suit, however with plenty of buying options to suit most people’s budgets you might as well buy your wedding suit. This way, you and your groomsmen can wear it again and again, getting your moneys worth.

Tip: Look for suits that are not particularly made for weddings!

If you’ve got ‘Cash to splash’ try:

  • J.Crew – DEAL! Free shipping and returns through May 30th
  • Reiss
  • Marc Wallace

Trendy fashion contemporary wedding suits_reiss_jcrew_marc wallace

If you’re ‘Strapped for cash’ try:

  • Topman
  • Zara
  • Burton – DEAL! Free shoes with suits from £99

cheap trendy fashion contemporary wedding suits_topman_burton_zara

Take a look at my Pinterest board dedicated to Grooms and groomsmen for some further ideas and inspiration!

Good luck on your wedding suit search…let me know how it goes! Have you had the same dilemma in the past…where did you get your suit from?


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6 thoughts on “This one is for the grooms: Finding a Wedding Suit

  1. If you own or know of anyone that owns a wedding suit hire business, and has modern contemporary suits, please get in touch. There are many couples out there who would love a fashion forward suit, with the option of hiring. Thanks, Edmina

  2. Thanks Edmina – you know how I feel about this particular ‘issue’ lol!
    Your help has been so useful when looking for suits for our groomsmen and I still cannot get over whey there is such a huge gap in the market for suit hire for those who want a little bit of modern and contemporary style for their wedding day.

    I also learnt very quickly to avoid anything designed specifically for weddings!

    My fiance is very stylish so he never warmed to the idea of hiring a suit and wanted to wear something special for the day to match his bride, which I thought was quite sweet. The bonus of course is that they can make use of it and wear it again like you say! Thanks Edmina!

    • Thank You! And it was a pleasure to offer you some assistance.

      I guess until that gap in the market is filled, people will have to opt for the buying option, if they want a contemporary suit. Obviously, the plus side is that it can be worn again, however with those that do not have large wedding budgets there should be some sort of hire option in that niche.

      Anyways, I wish you both the best! I know you’ll eventually find something that tickles your fancy. Let me know how it goes 🙂

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