Chalkboard Wedding Theme – They’re not just for school!

Table numbers, favours, place cards, table games, the possibilities are endless…just use your imagination and get creative!

Incorporating chalkboards into your wedding day can be a good idea, especially if you are on a small budget. There is a notion that they can look informal, but whoever believes that should think again. Take a look at my Pinterest board and you’ll find inspiration on both ends of the spectrum….

So, whether your wedding theme is formal or informal, you can still have elements of the chalkboard in your wedding. I’ve put together some images and ideas on how you can do this.

Guest Book
Set up a large chalkboard for guests to leave their signatures and messages. Another idea would be to have your guests write their message on a chalkboard and then take a Polaroid with it, just like this. All of the images can then be kept in a photo album.

chalkboard guest book

Let your guests leave short messages on your first name initials

Seating Chart
We’ve all walked past a pub and seen the famous chalkboard sign telling us the menu or entertainment for the day. Well who says you can’t do the same with your seating plan. All you need is your guest’s names and table numbers.

chalkboard seating chart

Save-the-Date Signs
If you have an engagement photo shoot incorporate a chalkboard into this and use these particular images to act as save the date cards.

save the date_chalkboard

Ceremony Program
Write out your order of service and bridal party participants names on a chalkboard. This is one of my favourites as it saves a couple having to print out hundreds of programs that will probably be thrown away after the wedding. This is definitely a money saver!

chalkboard ceremony

Tip: Get the help of a calligrapher to write on your boards if you want a clean and professional look

Considering using a few chalkboards for your wedding? Not on the High Street and Porter & Woodman, have some fantastic pieces to start you off!

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