Wedding Registry Gift List: Do’s and Don’ts

Creating a wedding registry list is certainly a good idea. I’d rather end up with items that I really wanted, rather than gifts that I’d never use or don’t particulary fancy. Giving your guests a guide into what you and your partner want makes their lives a whole lot easier. If you are in the middle of drawing up your gift list or are just thinking about it I have put together a few do’s and don’ts for you to consider…..

Do plan
I can’t stress this enough! In anything you do having a plan is always a great place to start. Now we all know that things don’t always go the way we planned them to, however having one in the first place gives you a sense of direction and helps you to focus. So, when it comes to creating your wedding registry this should be the first thing you and your partner do. Ask yourselves what do we need? If you end up with pages and pages of unnecessary items then I’d suggest you start the process of elimination, as it may be unlikely you’ll end up with everything listed. Put the items in order of importance and that way you’ll probably end up with that snazzy toaster you wanted rather than the polka dot cushion that you just thought was cute.

Don’t forget your guests
Remember when you were the guest? Having a look at your cousin’s gift list only to find out that the remaining items were way out of your budget! Keep your guests happy by making sure you have a wide range of prices within your list.  If you’re second guessing the rather expensive coffee maker, chances are that your guests will too. However, saying that, do register for a few high end items as well as the basics.

gift list wedding registry do's and don'ts

Do register online as well as in store
There aren’t many that don’t know how to navigate through the internet nowadays, however don’t forget guests like great uncle Joseph who would rather pop into a store rather than spend hours figuring out how to work the mouse from the keyboard.

Don’t register too late
Give your guests plenty of time then keep your fingers crossed and you’re more likely to get that luxurious item on the wedding registry gift list.

wedding registry gifts do's and don'ts

Do consider non-traditional items 
When it comes to creating their list most people automatically think of blenders, toasters, coffee makers etc., which is fine but don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Is there a particular hobby you and your partner enjoy? What about theatre show tickets? Or even a tool kit. Your partner may be a DIY bug and has planned to add some personal touches to your new home, so a brand new tool kit could be just the thing. Another reason for going down the non-traditional route is that you may already be living together and have enough household items. Therefore, registering for the conventional items will be no good to you.

Do check return policies
There is a chance that you could change your mind or end up with two of the same item. A retailer with a good return policy is something to take into consideration. On the other hand, think about keeping that second wine glass set in case of any breakages.

Do say “thank you”
Keep a note of who each gift has come from so when it comes to writing your thank you notes you know exactly who bought what for you. Writing thoughtful personalised notes to each guest rather than something general will make them feel appreciated.

wedding registry gift list do's and don'ts

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