Interview with Bridal Designer Sarah Jassir

With passion, dedication and over 20 year’s experience in the industry, Sarah Jassir lives and breathes beaded trims, lace patterns and the most feminine silhouettes to die for!

As soon as I saw ‘Dominique’ I thought to myself femininity, daring, bold and fashion conscious. I was so excited when Sarah agreed to feature on the blog and answer some essential bridal questions. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for….

Hi Sarah, can you tell us and our readers how Sarah Jassir all started?
Sarah Jassir dreamed of being a fashion designer ever since she was a little girl in her mother’s dress shop.  While pursuing her dream, Sarah Jassir honed her skills working for the likes of Vera Wang, Amsale, and Valentino.  In 2009, she debuted her first bridal collection during prestigious New York Bridal Week.  Her experience in the industry is exemplified through her bold creative designs.  Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail have garnered praise from brides and press alike.

Sarah Jassir_Spring 2013_Dominique

For a sexy and daring bride – ‘Dominique’

What are the top 3 things that inspire Sarah Jassir?
1.  Fabrics and textiles.  They are a great starting point for each collection.

2.  The body of a woman.  I love making a woman feel beautiful.

3.  Historical periods and events.  The challenge is to re-invent something new from the past.

Could you give us a small account on a day in the life of Sarah Jassir?
Most of my day is spent working one on one with brides to create the perfect wedding dress.  I enjoy working one on one because you get incredible feedback from the bride.  I also spend a great deal of time sketching my ideas and working with fabrics and research fabrics whenever possible.   I work closely with my design team creating patterns and draping fabrics.  So much of what I do requires lots of handwork and finishing.  The process can be painstaking.  Like most of the world, I spend lots of time answering emails.  But I really love hearing directly from brides.  It makes me feel more connected to them. Then the day starts all over again.

Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Remy


Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Celine


Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Genevieve


Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Deja


Body type is an important factor to consider when choosing a wedding dress. What style of dress should brides go for to make sure they look amazing whatever their shape?
Choosing the right dress to suit your body type is incredibly important.  Many brides make the mistake of selecting a dress based solely on trends and not what actually looks good on their body type.  Here are a few suggestions for brides looking to find the perfect silhouette.  A curvy bride might want to try a ball gown that cinches in her narrow waist and falls gently over her hips. A busty bride would look stunning in a V-neck fitted sheath that gently caresses her body.  A petite bride should opt for something more fitted not only does it show off her body but it gives her added height.  The key is to always accentuate your best features.

Now that you’ve explained the different body types and the styles of dress that suit them, can you recommend a dress from your current collection that will suit each body type?

We love Angelique for the curvy bride.  The layers of tulle are magical.

Sarah Jassir_Spring 2013 collection_Angelique

We love Giselle for the busty bride.  The look is elegant yet sexy.

Sarah Jassir_Spring 2013 collection_Giselle

We love Lola for the petite bride.  The dress is a stunning, show-stopper.

Sarah Jassir_Spring 2013 collection_Lola

What other advice would you give to brides who are in the process of buying their wedding dress?
Every bride needs to be sure to be true to herself when looking for her wedding gown.  Avoid shopping with an entourage, and try to visit as few bridal salons as possible.

How would you describe the Sarah Jassir bride?
Our aesthetic caters to the bride who wants to express her individuality.  The Sarah Jassir bride is bold, dynamic, and self-confident.  She is fashion forward and definitely knows what she likes.

Sarah Jassir_spring2013_Aimee


Sarah Jassir_spring2013_Sabine


Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Lou Lou

Lou Lou

Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Talia


You’ve worked for several designers, what was it like working for Vera Wang?
Working for Vera Wang was the ultimate learning experience. As a designer, she really considers herself an artist first and foremost.  The gowns she creates are really works of art.  She demands perfection in everything.  Likewise, her clients expect the same level of perfection.   This taught me many valuable lessons when working with brides.

What wedding trends would you say are hot right now and also for 2013?
Right now brides are in love with illusion backs and low backs. (When you think about it, the bride has her back to her guests during most of the ceremony.) Kate Middleton’s influence can still be felt in the resurgence of long sleeves. Sleeves have become a welcome option to the sea of strapless gowns one often finds in the market. And brides also continue to like a little sparkle on their gowns- sequins, crystals, etc.  In terms of trends for 2013, lace will continue to be popular.  But this is not your grand mother’s lace.  Think oversized and exaggerated patterns.   Intricate beaded looks will also dominate the runways. Expect to see lots modern romantic tulle looks also.

Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Juliette


Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Belle


Sarah Jassir_spring 2013_Chantal


Do you have any exciting projects that you’re working on at the moment?
I am currently working on my 2013 Fall Collection.  Brides can expect to see color incorporated into the collection. They will also see lots of styles normally seen on the red carpet.  That is things will be a lot sexier.  Expect to see more textured fabrics.

We’re sure you’ll execute the 2013 collection well! What can we see from Sarah Jassir in the near future?
It is my dream to open a freestanding store to showcase my entire collection in the near future.

Thank you very much Sarah for your advice and beautiful collection of wedding dresses. I hope your career continues to go from strength to strength and I wish you all the success in the future.

Have you been a Sarah Jassir bride? What gown did you opt for?….let us know!

Edmina x


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