Gele Head Wrap: A West African Brides Tiara

Gele, head tie or head wrap, whatever you call it, this is the tiara of a West African bride. It is the crowning moment that completes her traditional attire and must not be taken lightly!

African gele

Image via Pinterest

Not only can a Gele be worn by a bride on her wedding day, it can be worn by her guests and at other special occasions such as the traditional engagement. If you’ve read the blog post on ‘African Wedding Attire’, you would know that the Gele is traditionally worn in the second stage of the wedding reception when the bride and groom have changed into their traditional wedding wear.

Nigerian Gele

Image via Bella Naija

The art of Gele head tying is not an easy one to master, which is why most brides have theirs professionally tied by an expert. Segun Gele is known as the number 1 in African head tying. As a little boy watching his mum struggle to tie her Gele before church, Segun would jump in at the opportunity to help. It was from this little seed that it all took off for Segun and has now turned into an international Gele artist!

Gele tied and styled by Segun Gele

Gele tied and styled by Segun Gele. Image via RH Photo arts

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