Wedding Photography Ideas

Once you’ve found the right photographer, it’s time to start thinking about what memories of your wedding day you would love to have captured. The possibilities are endless….but i’ve put together some images below to get your mind ticking and to start the inspiration flowing!!

Image 1: Always aim to get a shot of the bride and grooms accessories. The composition of this one is fantastic.

Image 2: Black and white wedding photography has a special place in my heart! I love this image due to the angle its been taken from. It not only captures your first kiss, but it also captures the reactions of your family and friends.

Image 3: Getting married in the city? Why not try this one out….. Taken by Gerber & Scarpelli

Image 4: The detail in this dress is IN-CRE-DIBLE!! I love this shot as it’s natural and unexpected. If your wedding dress has similar intricate detailing make sure your photographer get’s a similar shot to this one. Taken by Jessica Lorren

Image 5: How amazing! A religious church ceremony captured in the shape of the cross. Taken by Dzhumara Photography

Image 6: Another great angle. Makes a big difference from the typical same height shot. Taken by Kevin Mullins Photography

Image 7: An essential!… the bridal portrait

Image 8: Father and Daughter moment! From your walk down the aisle to the father and daughter dance… make sure this is one you get

Image 9: Veil shots can be breathtaking. I love the way this image captures the intimate moment between the couple. Taken by Alakija and Co Photography

For me, it’s all about the angle and ‘uniqueness’ of an image. Source a creative photographer that absolutely understands what you want and your wedding pictures can look amazing as you did on your special day. Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

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