5 Ways to Cut Down Your Wedding Costs

It’s true; the majority of the time, weddings are not easy on the pocket! Even if you don’t opt for the most lavish ceremony, you could still find you and your partner paying out for things you did not carefully consider. No matter what kind of theme, venue or cake you decide on, here are 5 ways to cut down your wedding costs!

1. Reduce the numbers on your wedding guest list
Every name on your guest list is going to cost you, whether it means food, invites, decor e.g. table centerpieces, the list goes on. Think about who you would truly miss if they were not at your wedding? Is it necessary to invite everyone at the, even though you only really wanted to invite a few, just to be polite? If you do not want children at your wedding, but will be having a few exceptions, then ask your caterer if they can provide a children’s meal. This will be less expensive than paying for an adult’s meal and at least they’ll enjoy it!

2. Keep your eyes peeled for sample sales
I’m always keeping readers posted on here and my Facebook page on great bridal sample sales, where you can save up to 75% on designer gowns. Check out this recent post on the David Fielden sale.

3. Find a beautiful venue
If you choose to hold your wedding reception anywhere, make sure it’s a place that has a lot of character. By this I mean hiring beautiful garden grounds or a venue already adorned. This will cut down your spending on decor as space already speaks for itself!

4. Don’t follow tradition
More and more couples are now choosing to tie the knot in the months were weddings are not so common. Most people would enjoy a summer wedding; however in the UK chances are it won’t really feel like summer anyway. So why not consider January, February….. Venues should be offering good deals and you may just find yourself a bargain. In addition, a weekday tends to be less expensive than a Saturday.

5. Enlist the help of a wedding planner
Hmmmm, well isn’t that just going to cost me more money…I know that’s what you’re thinking right?!! Well you’re wrong. A wedding planner can save you money. With the skill of negotiation and contacts they may just be able to source you that ideal venue at a fraction of what you would have paid. What’s more you can still enjoy the planning process and have complete control. You can take advantage of a professional’s expertise and skill (at the end of the day that is their day job), and they can relieve the stress and save you essential time!


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