The Wedding Reporter

“A wonderful keepsake which you will be proud to treasure long softer the confetti has settled on your wedding”

The wedding reporter

The Wedding Reporter turns beautiful weddings into literary gold dust to savour as a unique keepsake!

Emma Woodhouse will turn up at your wedding, soak up and note the ambience, atmosphere and the details of the day in order to go away and transcribe it all into a literary, creative non-fiction account. Without being intrusive she will observe all the loveliness of the day and also talk to your guests in order to build up a picture of who you are as a couple through the context of your friends and family.

The wedding reporter

The wedding reporter

With such a bespoke and personal service, you and your partner could choose to have coverage from the ceremony to the first dance, or even just the ceremony. Once the draft revisions of your wedding report have been approved,you can choose to have it published into a hard- back book, complete with a bespoke cover relating to the details of your wedding!

The wedding reporter

For more details and to obtain a quote for your special day visit The Wedding Reporter now!

Image sources: Rock my wedding | Thee Bury Collection | Love My Dress | The Wedding Reporter


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