Weddings We Adore: Amber Ridinger and Duane McLaughlin

Oh my, oh my! I’m sooo excited to share this celebrity wedding with you all. So glamorous, so extravagant, sooo beautiful!!

Socialite Amber Ridinger married her gospel singer boyfriend Duane McLaughlin in this more than lavish affair, in Puerto Rico. Joined by a host of celebrities such as La La Vazquez Anthony, Khloe Kardashian, Eva Longoria and, performances by Marc Anthony and Mary J Blige, this was certainly a star studded affair.

Check out that stunning dress!!…Amber’s dress was a custom-made fish tail gown created by J’aton Couture, and the mouth dropping 22 carat diamonds draped on her head (said to be worth £10 million) were custom-made by the one and only Jacob the Jeweler – the go to jeweler in New York City. This was definitely just one of the many show stoppers of the event.

Duane honored his late grandfather, who was the first African American Navy Seal by wearing his original naval uniform. Sooo touching and a great way to honour loved ones that have passed. Take a look at previous posts on honouring loved ones.

The ceremony and reception design was executed by the ever so talented and award-winning event/wedding designer, Preston Bailey. The finishing touches included a fabric run aisle, pew ends adorned with roses and a ceiling draped with pink blooms.

All of these amazing images were taken from Adam Alex Photography. Head over to the site to view more…….

Amber Ridinger_Duane McLaughlin_celebrity wedding


Celebrity Wedding


Amber Ridinger_Duane McLaughlin


Groom style



You clearly know what I think of this wedding……what are your thoughts? Extravagant or just right??

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Image sources: Adam Alex Photography

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