Wedding Invitation Wording: Bride and Groom

One frequently asked question when it comes to wedding invitations is “how do we word our invites”. Well…there are many ways depending on who is hosting your special day. Today’s post focuses on what to write on your wedding invitation if you and your partner are hosting the wedding.

Annie Michelle Wright
David Rodney Brown
request the pleasure of your company
at their marriage
Saturday, the twenty-fourth of June
two thousand and fourteen
at twelve o’clock in the afternoon
St Peter’s Church
The City, London

Always remember……
Date: spell out the date on the wedding invitation

Punctuation: commas should be used to separate the day from date & county from state just like above

Capitals: The only words that should be capitalised are those with people’s names, day of the week, name of a place and so on. A new line does not necessarily need to start with a capitals.

How to word wedding invitation_etiquette

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Image source: Oh So Beautiful Paper


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