Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You can plan, plan, plan until you’re red in the face! However, there’s always something that will cause you to panic just a little. Now, there’s no exception when it comes to your wedding day. Putting together a ‘Wedding Day Emergency Kit’ is one of the best ways for preparing for anything that may go wrong on your wedding day.

Below I’ve prepared a Wedding Day Emergency Kit list. Feel free to use this for your own wedding day!!

Coordinated For You Wedding Emergency Kit

Medication and Personal Hygiene


Body Spray

Cotton Buds

Cotton Wool


Eye drops

Face Wipes

Hand cream

Mini First Aid Kit

Mints/ Breath Spray

Nail Clippers

Nail File



Sanitary Towels



Fashion and Beauty

Baby powder or white chalk (great for covering up last minute spills/marks on white dress)

Blotting sheets

Brush/ Comb

Clear Nail Polish

Clear/ Nude Bra Straps


Gel Cushions

Hair Pins

Hair Spray

Lipstick/ Lip-gloss

Translucent loose powder


Elegant spare pen

Golf umbrellas (You can never predict the British weather!)


Heel Protectors

Lint Roller

Mini sewing kit

Phone charger

Is there anything else you would put in your Wedding Emergency Kit that I haven’t mentioned above?

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