Supplier Spotlight: Introducing Favours Unique

I met Yvonne about a month ago at the Brides of Culture Wedding Exhibition. As soon as I saw her stand I was immediately drawn to it. The beautifully created, diamante embellished wedding stationery and invites were certainly eye-catching. It wasn’t until Yvonne approached me that I discovered that each and every one of them was hand-made!

I caught up with Yvonne, Creative Director and Founder of Favours Unique Ltd, to find out more about her elegant creations. Over to you Yvonne…..

How long have you been designing wedding stationery?
“Mmmm… initially it started of as a hobby a little over 4 years ago, but I started the business early 2012”

You must love all of your designs, but if you had to choose, which would be your favourite range?
“My favourite? Now that’s a tough one. Simply because each time I design a card I say to myself, ‘Now that’s better than the last one’. But if I had to choose then it would be the Aso-Ebi / African print collection. At the moment I’m really into using African prints; not printed paper but the actual African material i.e., Ankara, Kente…..”

Favours Unique_Aso Ebi_Kente_Wedding Invitations

Do you provide any other services?
‘Yes I do. I also specialise in venue décor/design and as part of the venue décor package I provide free ‘on day coordination’ for the couple.”

Tell us about the design process. How do you work with the bride and groom to ensure you design a wedding invitation that they’ll love?
“Sometimes, by just talking to them, I will already have an idea of what they would like… but to make sure that I incorporate the colours or theme that they want, I will have a consultation with them. This is usually 2-3 hours, but sometimes longer. I go through their wedding scrapbook, and ask them a few questions to find out if there is a particular style of invitation or embellishment they have in mind. At the same time I let them know what will work with their style….

…..Once I start working on the invite, I send the couple a draft of the wording for them to proof read before printing. When it comes to the actual design, I send them pictures of what I have designed, and if they are happy with it then I go ahead and make them. In saying that, there have been a few instances where the design I start with is actually not what I end up with. I have had to make a few changes along the way either because the embellishment or size of the ribbon doesn’t look right. Sometimes, it just looks better with a bow. Ultimately, I try to bring the couples ideas to life!”

Favours Unique Ltd

Do you have any tips on how a bride and groom could prepare for an initial consultation?
“A scrapbook is always a good idea. Not all brides have this so having pictures of everything to do with your wedding e.g., your dress, flowers, shoes, décor, cake, transport etc is great. Not just pictures of invitations! This gives me ideas and a better understanding on the type of design that would suite the couple.’

Favours Unique Ltd_Embellished Wedding Invitation_Gold

With so many options to choose from e.g., save the dates, menu cards, RSVP cards, place cards etc. What would your advice be to a couple who are feeling overwhelmed by the different types of stationery?
“Well it’s always good to start with the most important ones, for example, save the dates, invitations, order of service/order of ceremony. The rest such as menu cards, place cards, favours, guestbook, wedding post box, thank you cards, RSVP’s, seating plan, all depend on the style of wedding you want to have. If your guest are able to sit anywhere then you will not need place cards or a seating plan. It also depends on whether you want to go for the traditional way of doing things (e.g., including your RSVP in the invite with a return envelope for your guest) or the modern way (e.g., using social media for your RSVP’s or save the dates).”

Favours Unique Ltd_Pink Wedding Invitations

Is there a particular wedding invitation trend that you love at the moment?
“I’m loving lace, pearls and anything Gatsby!”

Finally, what advice would you give to a couple who want to save as much as they can, but still desire elegant and sophisticated invites?
“To consider alternatives. For example, if the budget cannot stretch to a large card, go for the next size down. Instead of going for a large embellishment, go for something smaller so you still get the sophisticated look that is within your budget range.”

Was great speaking with you Yvonne. I’m sure my readers will appreciate all the tips and advice you’ve so kindly offered! I wish you all the best for the future.

Connect with Favours Unique Ltd via:
Telephone: 02088038357 / 07752018775

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Image Credit: Favours Unique Ltd

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