Veil Lengths

The wearing of a veil has been a lifelong tradition, and I don’t think it will ever fade. The gorgeous and romantic tulle fabric can transform any wedding dress. If you decide on wearing one, there are many different styles of veils to choose from. Each one can give a different look, so it all depends on your personal preference and style! Starting from the shortest to the longest style veil I’ll give you the low down on each one of these popular veil styles! Find out which one is best for you……

A short, cute chin-length veil

vintage appeal. short veil. falls over the face and ends near the top of the dress. Blusher: A sheer, short veil worn over the face, which is lifted up during the ceremony.

an elegant way to cover-up without wearing a bulky bolero or shrug. falls gracefully over the shoulders to the bride’s—you guessed it—elbow. Mantilla: A dramatic round veil that is usually made of lace and worn without a headpiece.

falls beyond the bride’s hips and is a popular choice because it allows any design on the back of a bride’s gown to be seen through the sheer fabric. ingertip: A veil that reaches to the bride’s fingertips.

sweeps across the floor extending slightly beyond the bride’s gown. Chapel: A long veil that extends beyond the gown, one to two feet.

extends beyond the train of the bride’s gown and is the most dramatic down-the-aisle length. Cathedral: A very long, formal veil that extends two feet or more on the floor.

Now whichever veil length you go for, make sure it compliments your dress. For example, a birdcage or blusher veil usually looks amazing with a cute and short retro wedding dress. You will also want to consider your hairstyle. The best advice would be to make sure you take your veil and any other hair accessories with you to your hair trial so that your stylist can create the perfect do.







Which veil style will you be wearing on your special day?

Image source: BHLDN


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