Social Media Wedding Etiquette

Tweeting, Hash-tagging, Face-booking…social media is certainly part of our daily lives now. However, many engaged couples still ponder on the idea of sharing their wedding day and how to do so.

Many couples are now indulging in the latest trend of creating a specific hashtag for their wedding guests for guests to post images with. Definitely a great way of capturing candid moments of the special day, in my opinion. If you and your beau are keen on making social media part of your wedding day follow these social media etiquette tips to avoid any blunders. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want one of your bridesmaids posting a picture of you before your groom-to-be has his first look.

Social media wedding etiquette

  1. Inform your immediate family first before tweeting your amazing news or instagramming a picture of your engagement ring.
  2. Do send out paper invitations to your guests. There’s no excuse not to. Emails can be overlooked, and let’s face it they’re not as special. Then there’s Facebook invites…a big no no! Plus, not everyone has a Facebook account.
  3. Enclose a small card in your invitation or wedding programme giving guests important information such as your unique hashtag, to avoid posting any images until you have shared the professional ones, and maybe to even keep posting to a minimum so that they can enjoy the day.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t think about taking your guests’ mobile phones away from them. That certainly won’t go down well!
  5. Change the privacy settings on your Facebook profile so that if anyone tags you in a picture you can approve of it first before it goes live for everyone to see.


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Image Source: Bride & Wedding


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