Chasing up the Wedding RSVP’s

Managing your guest list and chasing up guests that haven’t yet RSVP’d can leave you pulling your hair out! However, you need to bear in mind that there will always be a few people who will take their time to do so or just simply forget!

My advice on dealing with this aspect of your wedding planning in the most streess-free way possible is to first create a spreadsheet of all of your invited guests. Next, organise the guest names into those that have RSVP’d and those that are yet to do so. Now the chasing begins… however, if you feel that you or your finance are not up to the task, why not get a few members of your wedding party to do the job. Alternatively, you could enlist the help of a wedding planner who would be happy to take the stress off your hands.

How to chase up wedding rsvps | coordinated for you wedding blog

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Image Source: CeCi New York


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