Wedding Etiquette: Table Planning

 If it’s not hard enough organising a wedding guest list, planning exactly where everyone will dit can be another tedious task. Now, you might be thinking, well why can’t everyone just sit where they want? Well, that’s always an option, however, a lot of guests do prefer to be assigned to a seat. Plus, if you’re having a sit down meal and some of your guests have special dietary requirements, it makes it easier for the waiters and waitresses to find them. 

Table Planning Etiquette | Coordinated For You


The first place to start is with your immediate family e.g. parents, grandparents, close uncles and aunties. You may decide to have some of them on the top table with you, however if you decide not to it’s probably best to have them as close to your table as possible. 

When planning the rest of the tables stick to these guidelines to ensure a stress free process:

  • Mix family and friends of similar ages together as they are more likely to get along better and find it easy to make conversation
  • Wherever you can try and sit friends together, especially if you’re inviting work colleagues
  • Whatever you do, do not split up couples
  • If you’re having children, designate a table especially for them with games and activities to keep them entertained

Wedding Table Planning: how to | Coordinated For You Blog

Do you have any tips and advice for stress-free table planning? Would love to hear from you. Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.


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