Wedding Etiquette: Inviting Work colleagues to your wedding

I’m sure that if you had the budget and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings then you would invite everyone from the office. However, we all know that this isn’t always possible. So what do you do when you only want to invite some of your work colleagues? Well, you’re not just going to invite a colleague just for the sake of it, you’re more likely to invite someone that you have lunch with, meet up with outside of work etc. So, once you have decided on your final guest list, and sent out invites, let your invited colleagues know that you want to keep ‘wedding talk’ to a minimum when in the office. This way those that you have not invited won’t feel excluded or offended. It’s all about sensitivity, and to treat others how you would like to be treated in a similar situation. You should also bear in mind that people do understand how expensive weddings can be and therefore those who didn’t make your guest list should understand why you could not invite everyone. 

Wedding Etiquette: Inviting Work Colleagues

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Image Source & Credit: Style Me Pretty | M And J Photography


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