Wedding Church Ceremony: Who sits where?

When it comes to wedding church ceremonies a common question that pops up is who sits where. Follow these simple tips and advice for a seamless flow. 

Where do our parents sit?
The parents of the bride sit on the left in the first pew, while the groom’s parents sit on the right of the first pew.

How about our immediate family?
It’s always best to reserve the first few pews on either side, as these will seat the rest of your immediate family. Your ushers should ideally have a list of these family members, so they can easily be escorted to their seats.


Ditch the tradition?

Now, the wedding ceremony seating etiquette I mentioned above is the traditional way of doing things. However, in these modern times more and more people are throwing tradition out the window and asking their guests to not pick a side and to sit where they please.

Other things to consider…

  • If you have any guests with a physical disability it’s probably best to reserve them a seat at the end of the pews
  • Elderly relatives should be seated as close as possible to the front.
  • Guests in wheelchairs or on crutches should sit at the end of a pew.

Hope this helped! If you’ve any question leave a comment below…

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