Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Here are 5 wedding planning mistakes to avoid and have a stress free, and enjoyable lead up to your wedding day!


Skipping the pro and going with the amateur
You may think that hiring a professional is going to cost you a fortune, but hiring an amateur will cost you even more! A professional, whether its a photographer, wedding planner, or florist will have expertise and will surely get the job done and deliver. Hiring one of your friends to photograph your wedding just because they like photography is a no no! Opting for someone who has some form of training and experience is the way forward!

5 Wedding Mistakes to avoid | Coordinated For You Blog

Not creating a schedule
This is another aspect of the wedding planning process that you will receive assistance with if you hire a wedding planner. However, if you choose to do the planning on your own creating a schedule for the day will avoid confusion. Your bridal party and suppliers should have a copy of this. Include important information such as main contacts with telephone numbers, directions to the venue, and a detailed timeline of what will be taking place and at what times. This way everyone will know where he or she is supposed to be, what they should be doing.

Spending way over your budget
We all like nice things, and when it comes to your wedding I’m sure you’ll want the same. However, nice does not necessarily mean expensive. You can still achieve a gorgeous aesthetic across your flowers, stationery, decor and so on, without having the budget of a celebrity. There are also many tips and advice out there such as opting for a lisianthus flower rather than a rose, which is mush more cost effective.

Not creating a contingency plan
Failing to plan, is planning to fail. I’m sure you have all heard this saying. Well it’s true! You may be holding your wedding in the Summer, but there is always a possibility that it can rain. If you’re planning on having a specific aspect of your wedding outdoors e.g. cocktail hour, you may want to consult with your venue and find out if there is a spare room you can decorate. This way you can move your guests to this room just in case the weather turns bad.

Losing sight of the true meaning
Don’t forget it’s your wedding day! You want a day that truly reflects you and your finance. So try not to get caught up in the trivial arguments and decisions that really do not require you to be pulling your hair out!

5 Wedding Mistakes to avoid | Coordinated For You Blog

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