How to Beat your Wedding Venue Noise Restrictions

One wedding planning logistic that is typically overlooked by couples is the venue noise restriction. Sound restrictions vary from venue to venue and you will find that nowadays the majority of venues, whether a city hotel or country home will have one!


From the moment you have your heart set on your ideal reception venue make sure you enquire about whether they have a sound limiter, and at what decibels it has been set at. Any music that exceeds the pre-defined loudness and time will automatically cut-off the music.


Many things can influence how sound is projected around a room such as the number of guests, the layout and set up of room, and of course the type of music being played. If you have your heart set on a 10-piece band make sure they will be able to play at a noise level that won’t cause the sound to cut out.


Another piece of advice would be to speak to your DJ or band. It’s more than likely that they would have had to deal with these sorts of issues ten times over. They may have some tips and tricks to help you make the most your sound.

How to Beat your Wedding Venue Noise Restrictions | #tipsandadvice #weddingplanning | Photography: Rebecca Arthurs -

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Image Credit & Source: Rebecca Arthurs & Style Me Pretty


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