Aleeka Events Brand Identity Revealed

So, a couple of weeks ago I revealed to you all the start of a new beginning for my wedding and events planning business. Aleeka Events was especially established with the purpose to provide ‘affordable and bespoke wedding and event planning for savvy couples with impeccable tastes!’. In addition to this, Aleeka will also be offering West African wedding planning for couples that want to represent their roots, and pay homage to their cultural traditions.

Today, I’m excited to share the design process with you and offer a behind the scenes look at how Irene and her talented team, at Magnolia House Creative, strategically incorporated my ideas and personality into the overall brand identity.

Two years ago, I created a secret Pinterest board titled Website & Branding Inspiration board. Anytime I came across something that resonated with my ideal clients and niches, or just simply inspired me in some way I made sure I pinned in it to the board. Although being in the wedding industry, I knew I didn’t want anything too girly and fluffy, and I also wanted to incorporate the cultural side of my business. After months of pinning I began to notice a particular style appearing. The majority of the images I had pinned were full of black and white designs, ethnic patterns, bold fashion-inspired typography, gold accents, and shades of blushes, pinks, and greys. This pointed to a stylish, elegant, and cultured aesthetic with a hint of luxe – just like my clients!!

I searched high and low for someone who could design my brand identity as well as develop my website. After many enquiries, Magnolia House Creative won me over! And although they were based all the way in the good old USA, my initial Skype call with Irene put me right at ease and I knew I had made the right choice. Irene was so sweet, quick to respond to my questions, and I totally fell in love with her whole business ethos.

Mood board
The process started with Irene and her team defining my colour palette and overall brand style with a mood board. What do you think?

Aleeka Events Moodboard

Irene took the endless amount of images from my Pinterest board and brought my brand to life. The colours were on-point; the blush pink and grey worked really against the black. The textured gold, I felt not only represented luxury, but also the rustic aesthetic of the African landscape, therefore appealing to my West African clients. The images were feminine-yet-masculine, meaning I could appeal to both the bride and groom, and last but not least, the classic fashion type against the handwritten type was just the perfect combo!

Three initial logo concepts were delivered to me to review and select. They were all great, however, I was instantly drawn to the logo below. For me, it’s sleek and stylish, the gold lining adds a hint of luxe, and I absolutely adore the brushstroke texture.

Aleeka Events Logo

Brand Board
The typography, logos, colours, patterns and textures all came together to create the brand board. Check it out…

Aleeka Events Brand Identity


Stationery Suite
Now what’s a business if you haven’t got some snazzy stationery to go along with it?! Although I love all the pieces, if I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be the gift tag. Irene suggested stacking a few pieces together to give it some depth and to show off my gorgeous prints and patterns. I think it does just that! What do you think?

Aleeka Events Stationery suite


I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my brand identity. Irene and her team took my thoughts and ideas on board and transformed them into something I couldn’t have even imagined! I can’t wait to show you all the big reveal, including the website.

I would love to hear your thoughts and which aspect is your favourite? Have a lovely week!

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