About Coordinated For You


Coordinated For You hope to offer inspiration to the fashion-conscious couple, who want nothing more than a chic and stylish wedding aesthetic. We also serve to inspire the Western couple with West African heritage. From beautiful wedding dress collections and inspiration boards, to planning posts that offer great tips and advice….you can find it all here! So, you can still be wedding planning savvy, but keep it stylish too!

A bit about the girl behind the blog……..

Edmina is a wedding lover living in the UK. I adore so many things, but if I had to keep the list to a minimum:
– Beautiful fabrics. Particularly Tulle, Chiffon & Lace
– Romantic Calligraphy
– Awesome and Inspirational quotes
– Italian, African & Seafood dishes
– The French Riviera Sunshine

And of course Chich, Stylish and Culturally infused weddings with a hint of luxury!!

Keep up to date with me on Twitter, follow my beautiful boards on Pinterest and like the Facebook page!

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