Panari Cakes – Share the joy!!

Good morning to all my new readers and not forgetting the old…thank you very much for supporting Coordinated For You thus far! 🙂 Today I bring to you an interview with Panari Cakes. I first set eyes on their lovely cakes at The African Bridal Show back in August. I was especially taken back by the traditional African caricature cakes. So, it was no surprise then that I wanted to find out more about their wonderful creations……

Nice to meet you Rayo! How and when did Panari cakes all begin?
Panari Cakes Started in 2001, but my vision for it started from a very young age. Growing up in my household meant a lot of baking. Mum was always making special and unique treats that caught my interest. After a while making cakes became a hobby, I baked for friends and family and the business grew gradually by word of mouth.

Can you describe Panari cakes in 3 words?
Unique, Delicious, Joyful!

We love your African Wedding cakes, how popular are they and could you talk us through the process e.g., inspiration etc
Our Nigerian culture is warm, rich, colourful and very vibrant, I draw a lot of inspiration from it when designing most of our cakes, which has made them quite popular. I get a lot of design ideas from the fabrics, artifacts, tradition and very often from the clients who come to us with their ideas.


What timeline should a bride give herself in order to find her cake designer and have her cake completed?
A bride should give herself at least three months to find her perfect cake. This gives enough time to research, taste and design her dream cake.

What have you found to be a brides biggest concern when choosing their cake? And how do you help them overcome this?
The biggest concern most brides I’ve met have is price? They want a cake unique to them but not too expensive. It’s important for them to start the search early and shop around.

What are some of the questions you ask your brides in order to create the cake of their dreams?
“My questions to my brides are usually”, What’s your budget? How many guests would you like the cake to feed? What are the design features you would like to capture? What are your colours and themes? What’s the venue like?


Do brides still opt for the traditional fruitcake? Or is there another popular choice in cake flavour?
Fruit cakes are still quite popular, most brides though like to mix different flavours. Our popular flavours are Red Velvet, Chocolate, Marble, Strawberry and Coconut.

What can we expect from Panari cakes in the near future?
In The future you can expect more of what we are good at which is making beautiful, delicious cakes and an excellent service.

Finally, tell us what sets you apart from other cake designers?
I would say our clientele and the creativity of our team, we make cakes for people from different cultures and walks of life. They come to us with their ideas and we are able to create cakes that they dream of.



I think these cakes are stunning. What do you think?….
To view more of Panari cakes and to order your wedding or celebration cake, head over to their website now!