Golden Globes 2013: Wedding Style Inspiration

Eva Longoria showed off her pins in a custom made black Emilio Pucci gown, Charlotte Olympia heels and Martin Katz earrings. Its no wonder why this was my favourite out of all the ‘Golden Globes 2013’ Red Carpet dresses…featuring lace and chiffon details in such simplicity, but also an edge of sexy, it was bound to get my vote!

Golden Globes 2013_Eva Longoria_Emilio Pucci

‘Wedding Dress Inspiration’
Golden Globes 2013_Francesca Eastwood_Anne Hathaway

‘Something Blue’
Golden Globes 2013_Nicole Richie_Lucy Liu

‘Hair & Beauty’
Golden Globes 2013_Hair and Beauty_Megan Fox

Golden Globes 2013_Hair and Beauty_Jessica Chastain

Golden Globes 2013_Hair and Beauty_Adele

Golden Globes 2013_Hair and Beauty_Jennifer Lopez

So which look was your favourite? Have one of these beautiful ladies inspired your wedding day style….let us know!!!

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Inspiration for Natural Hair Brides

Many women are now starting to embrace their natural tresses and that includes rocking their curls, kinks and waves on their wedding day.

Below are some images of how you can wear your natural hair on the day you say “i do”, whether it’s long or short!

natural hairstyles for black women

Transitioning Bride

This hairstyle was created with a pin-on chignon that was handmade from bulk extensions.

natural hairstyles for women of colour

A big fishtail hair piece was pinned into place with the models pompadour

short black wedding hairstyles

Whoever said short hair can’t be as glamorous as long hair was wrong! Add a statement hair accessory for the extra wow factor.

natural  Afro-Caribbean wedding hairstyles

Power to the fro!  This hair style was created with custom-blended extensions which will withstand humidity better than your own natural hair

braided wedding hairstyles _black women

Mini-twists are versatile, therefore they can be styled easily and will stay in place all day.

updo wedding hairtsyles_natural hair

This style can be achieved with your own hair or with loose, kinky-textured hair to add bulk to the twists. Avoid water-based hair products on the morning of the wedding. These will make edges frizz faster.

dreadlocks wedding hairstyles

The sky is the limit for brides with locs!

Here are some real natural hair inspiration from real brides across the globe!! And for even more inspiration take a look at ‘Black Girl Long Hair’ blog dedicated to all things natural.

natural hair brides_wedding hairstyles_black women

Are you a soon-to-be bride and deciding on whether to wear your natural hair on your wedding day? Have you  already tied the knot and would like to inspire Coordinated For You’s readers with your natural wedding day hairstyle? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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Bridal Wedding Hair styles: Celebrity Inspiration

I’ve looked to the red carpet and some of the most prestigous award shows to offer you some bridal wedding hair styles, inspired by the celebrities. These A-listers always look their best when it comes to these type of events and their hair is no exception. For a woman, her locks can make or break an outfit, so when it comes to selecting your wedding day hairstyle look to the stars for inspiration!!

Short Hairstyle Inspiration
Most brides feel like their short tresses won’t be pretty enough for their wedding day. So wrong!! Morena Baccarin, Viola Davis and the gorgeous Miss Halle Berry put that way of thinking to rest. With their short red carpet hairstyles, they have demonstrated just how stunning your hair can look on your wedding day.  Add a pair of glistening jewels to your ears or an amazing headpiece to complete your look.

Short wedding hair

Ponytail Hairstyle Inspiration
Whether they’re sleek and high, relaxed and low ponytails are another classic hairstyle that you could consider for your wedding day. Tease at the crown just like the celebs do or slick it back to show off your bone structure. Each one of these ladies hit the nail on the head with their pony’s!

wedding ponytail

Updo Hairstyle Inspiration
Probably one of the most popular bridal wedding hair styles a bride usually goes for. Updo’s come in so many different styles. Below we’ve decided to feature Carrie Underwood and Mary J blige, just because they stood out when it came to stylish updo’s for their hair texture.

wedding hair updos

Bun Hairstyle Inspiration
Just like the ponytail, a bun can complement your bone structure. Whether they are perfectly structured, swept back in a low style or big and flamboyant, buns make a classic wedding hairstyle. If you have a heart-shaped face wear your bun in the middle of your head. Those with square shaped faces should make their buns as soft as possible by adding tendrils. Round faces are complemented by low buns or a high top knot bun.

Bun hairstyles

Curls & Waves Hairstyle Inspiration
Think of 1930’s glamour, volume, and defined curls and these celebs are doing just that. They all scream out red carpet glamour, so if you want to emulate the same feeling on your wedding day, then i’d suggest you follow their lead.

hairstyles for curly hair

Straight & Long Hairstyle Inspiration
Want to show off your long precious locks on your big day. These ladies show us how it’s done. Try a half-up half-down style or go for polka straight tresses like Jennifer Hudson. For women of colour, you could opt for a lace weave that will help you achieve the same look. However, do pick a good stylist that will take care of your natural hair.

wedding hairstyle inspiration_inspired by celebrities

Braided Hairstyle Inspiration
Braids can be incorporated into your bridal wedding hair style in so many ways….buns, crowns, ponytails…you name it and it’s probably been done. Just take a look at the images below.

Braided hairstyles


Have you been inspired? Which celebrity styles are you now considering for your wedding day hairstyle? Checkout the Daily Makeover for more celebrity hairstyles, including tips on texture, length and face shape.

Edmina x

Simple Steps for Great Wedding Day Skin: Strapped vs. Splash

Every bride wants beautiful radiant wedding day skin, especially for the fact that you’ll be taking a lot of photos and that you’ll constantly have your guests getting close to congratulate you.

The best advice I can offer is to start your skin preparations well in advance (at least 6 months) of your wedding day. It’s no good having the dress of your dreams, with stunning jewels and then have your make up applied to skin that that is not looking its best.

Below are some tips that I have picked up along the way and have also tried. Not everyone has the money to splash out on a facial every week, so I’ve also included ways that you can get good results from your skin without having to break the bank!

Strapped for cash?

  • Cleanse
  • Moisturise daily
  • Remove make up at night
  • Exfoliate skin at least once a week

All of this should improve your complexion

I guess we’re all suckers when it comes to caffeine and sugary drinks, but drinking plenty of water has been said to clear up the skin. If you find this difficult, try taking a bottle of water with you to work, the gym or out shopping. It may be hard at first but it does get easier. Trust me I’ve tried it!

Don’t forget that there are always special deals around…check out Groupon, Kgbdeals and money saving expert for vouchers and offers on hair, nail and beauty treatments.

Wedding day skin

Got cash to splash?
If you can afford it why not book an appointment for a facial. It’s a good way to distress and detoxify the skin, and it does wonders for cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising. Book your facial at least a few months before your wedding day. Everyone’s skin is different and can react in different ways. The last thing you want is a bad reaction the day before your wedding day.

If you have a serious skin problem and want specialist advice I would recommend seeing a dermatologist.

wedding day skin

Now it’s not just what we do on the outside, but also what we feed our bodies. There are plenty of foods that can benefit our skin and here are just a few:

  • Oily fish such as salmon and sardines are rich with Omega-3 fatty acids; therefore they can help replace fats lost in the skin that have been causing dryness. If you have eczema or dermatitis your skin will surely benefit from the anti-inflammatory qualities of fish oil.
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and grapefruits are known for their high vitamin content, which in turn can help the skin detoxify and tone.
  • Green veg such as spinach can improve the skins complexion
  • The fibre in oats helps to control the release of insulin and the absorption of glucose, resulting in good insulin regulation -good control helps keep your skin firm and healthy.

Wedding day skin foods

Why not combat your hair and nails too with Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus. Part of the tablets nutritional information includes vitamin C, Iron, omega-3, magnesium and so much more. I always think it’s best to get the nutrition from the original source though.

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