Wedding Photography Ideas: Veil Shot

From the traditional wedding photography to the most creative concepts….selecting the type of images you want your wedding photographer to capture is something you should really think about. A great shot to always have among your wedding photos is the ‘Veil shot’.

I always ooh and ahhh, when a photographer has captured that romantic moment when the brides veil is blowing in the wind. But, how about this stunning image! The veil certainly takes centre stage on this one!

Wedding Photography_Veils

‘Wrapped Up in Love’

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Image source: Kelly Stremmel

Wedding Idea of the Day

Today, I’ve got another unique ‘Wedding idea of the day’! It maybe something you’d have to hint to your fiancé by leaving the laptop open on this specific page, or maybe it can be something you give as a gift to him! This brides groom secretly had their proposal photographed, then chose to give it to her framed as a gift on the day of their wedding. Romantic right!!! What do you think??


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Image source: Alyse French Photography

Wedding Photography Ideas

Once you’ve found the right photographer, it’s time to start thinking about what memories of your wedding day you would love to have captured. The possibilities are endless….but i’ve put together some images below to get your mind ticking and … Continue reading

Day after Wedding day shoot

Ever considered a Morning after/ Day after wedding shoot?

A morning/day after wedding shoot is a great way to capture your first day together of being married. More and more couples are choosing to have these as it gives them the chance to take more relaxed and low key shots. It also allows them to get images in different locations and/ or styles without worrying about the time schedule of their wedding day. Some people really like the idea, but believe that the shoot will delay their honeymoon, however planning one for when you and your partner get back is always a possibility.

When you start to think of the different elements, there are so many options to choose from when planning a day after wedding shoot. Maybe you didn’t have an engagement shoot and so would like to plan one for your first year anniversary together, just like this one featured on green wedding shoes.

Perhaps you’re planning a destination wedding, in which case you could get your photographer to shoot you and your partner touring and exploring a specific area of your destination. Many wedding destinations have beautiful scenery and historic sites and these can be used as backdrops – Take inspiration from this couple.

There are no wrong or right ways to do a morning/day after shoot, so whatever suits you and your partner’s personalities is what you should go for. After all you want to feel comfortable.

wedding photography morning day after shoot

Couple snuggled up in bed (morning after wedding) still in wedding attire

wedding photography day after_morning after shoot

Love this shot! Perfect for a hot destination wedding

relaxed day after wedding shoot

The images can be as relaxed and playful as you want

wedding photography morning day after shoot_destination wedding bahamas

You don’t have to wear your wedding attire….This shot captures the joy of ‘just married’

If you and your partner were thinking of planning a morning/day after wedding shoot, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to get you started. Like I said, there are no wrong or right ways to do this….be creative and most of all do what you want as you’ll enjoy it and it will most certainly show in the pictures!

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