Chasing up the Wedding RSVP’s

Managing your guest list and chasing up guests that haven’t yet RSVP’d can leave you pulling your hair out! However, you need to bear in mind that there will always be a few people who will take their time to do so or just simply forget!

My advice on dealing with this aspect of your wedding planning in the most streess-free way possible is to first create a spreadsheet of all of your invited guests. Next, organise the guest names into those that have RSVP’d and those that are yet to do so. Now the chasing begins… however, if you feel that you or your finance are not up to the task, why not get a few members of your wedding party to do the job. Alternatively, you could enlist the help of a wedding planner who would be happy to take the stress off your hands.

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Supplier Spotlight: Feel Good Invites

Hello beautiful people…Hope you had a lovely weekend! Today on the blog, I’ve featured yet another talented wedding stationery designer. Ger and Sarah are the husband and wife duo behind Feel Good Invites! With such a great range of modern wedding invitations, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Read on and learn more about the fantastic duo…

First things first, could you tell us how Feel Good Invites all began?
Ger and Sarah: We began by putting just one design on Etsy, which we had designed for our friends Katie and Nathan’s wedding. We had lots of interest and positive compliments which led to us designing more and more designs, and eventually opening a store!

It’s great that you have quite a large collection of designs, with different styles to suit different couples. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Ger and Sarah: We draw lots of inspiration from our surroundings. We have a lively dog, and an even more lively toddler, so we are often out and about at the coast or on nature walks feeding the ducks – the texture and colours which can be found in the British countryside are awesome! Also, our lovely customers often have requests for us, and we consider these to be a good gauge of what’s relevant and on-trend. Plus, we enjoy the challenge of designing something new and unique.

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Stationery

How do you help couples find inspiration?
Ger: This isn’t something I have to do very often, to be honest…people are so inspirational. I am just the guy doing the invites, but the customers who approach me have some really great ideas! They often provide their own sketches or come up with innovative ways to improve my designs to suit their wedding. I have it easy!

Tell us about the Feel Good experience? What can couples expect when they choose you as their wedding stationery designer?
Ger and Sarah: Anyone can experience our service, just contact us anytime at We are always happy to chat about your requirements if you just want to say hi! There is no fixed formula for our consultation process, instead we take each customer at a time and work with them to ensure they get out of us exactly what they want. This can be as simple as 1 email resulting in a delivered order within 5 days, right through to an on-going conversation over a period of months involving several design drafts, physical samples, bespoke items. We are happy to give as much or as little help as the customer requires.

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Stationery

What is your creative process? How do you go about creating a design?
Ger and Sarah: We are always creating, we don’t have a fixed process. I have about 20 design ideas in my head yet to be started. I keep a journal, and a cloud file called ‘ideas’ which I paste cool stuff into whenever I see it. The cloud is great because I can be anywhere in the world, on any mobile device, and I can save my thoughts and photos in one central place at anytime. Once I have a firm idea in mind I usually spend a few weeks refining the design until I have something I’m happy with.

What is an average day like for Feel Good Invites?
Ger and Sarah: Busy! Things have really taken off – we are getting orders from previous customers friends, from all over the world. It’s busier than we could ever have dreamed. But we LOVE the buzz and wouldn’t have it any other way! Early morning is spent responding to emails, late morning onwards is design time for customers as this is when my concentration levels are highest. The afternoon is spent doing all the non-customer tasks like visiting the printers & taking parcels to the post office.

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Stationery

Name your top 3 typefaces and tell us what you love about them?
Ger: Ha, good question, let me think….

  • Edwardian Script ITC – The ampersand is perfect
  • Century Gothic – This is a classic, so versatile
  • Carnivalee – We love it because it’s good for adding a bit of weight to our designs. It looks very masculine, and is a good way for the groom to be represented in amongst all the flowers and shades of pink 🙂

Great choices. My particular favourite is Century Gothic too…clean, simple and an all-rounder!

When we first spoke you told me that you were noticing a rise in Kraft paper orders. Could you tell us a bit more about this? 
Ger: I was taught by one of my university lecturers that while designs can look good on screen, the physical experience is more important, especially as wedding invitations will end up in the hands of all your guests. They need to feel as good as they look. With this in mind, I was inspired to source something very rustic and fibrous which had a great environmental story.

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Stationery

Ger: Originally, I wanted to use Lokta paper from Nepal, which is handmade from evergreen shrubs, but I was concerned about the shipping impact on the environment. Then I got into a conversation with an eco-friendly paper merchant in London who was able to produce a similar product but using British materials and British skilled workers so this was a perfect fit for us. And thankfully our customers love it!

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Stationery

Ger: It seems a perfect fit for barn weddings, out-door and farm weddings, or anyone looking to break away from traditional white card and bring an element of their own personality into their invitations.

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Stationery

Almost every couple struggles to find the right wording for their wedding invitations? What are the two most common invitation etiquette questions you get asked? And how do you help couples solve these issues?
Ger: I’m not sure if it’s a British thing, but we hate asking people for gifts or money. So people always come up with poems, or rhymes to put on their invitations to ask for money, rather than asking for it out-right. I have a lot of these poems and verses saved (some really good ones) if anyone needs one, just ask!

The other question we get asked all the time is if we can change wording on the invites to suit them specifically. For example some couples want ‘together with their families…’ some don’t, some want a line to write guests names, other prefer not to spoil the designs by writing on them and prefer just to write on the envelopes. We are always happy to amend our designs to fit exactly what is needed.

My wife Sarah is really good with words, I’m more of a visual person. Sarah has helped on so many invitations that she is always able to come up with the perfect answers to any etiquette queries.

What wedding invitation trends are you predicting for 2014? Do you have a particular favourite?
Ger: I definitely see people wanting something more simple, earthy, and traditional. I think people have so much technology, and so many shiny new gadgets in their daily lives, that when it comes to your wedding day, and your loved ones, it makes you think about the things that really matter. A wedding day can be timeless, a true expression of you, and your love for one another and your families. This is why rustic and simple designs are so popular, it’s like pressing ‘pause’ on your daily routine, stripping away all the material goods and truly enjoying the important things.

My readers typically love anything that is ‘chic and stylish’! What designs in your range would you recommend for these brides?
Ger: Oh wow. I’m sure your readers have much greater taste and style than me! But these designs below always seem to be a hit, including ‘Calligraphy Kraft‘, ‘Vintage Bunting‘, and ‘Hand Lettered‘.

Feel Good Invites_Wedding Invitations 11 12 13 14 15

Last but not least, what sets Feel Good Invites apart from every other stationery designer?
Ger: I don’t know if this sets us apart from others, but I would have to say: customer service. While we are good at design and enjoy it, it’s giving excellent service that really drives us. I feel passionate about providing the kind of service you used to find in the good-old-days, where a shopkeeper would take the time to make sure you left with exactly what you needed. It mesa a lot to me that when a couple works with us, they leave feeling like the have had a wonderful experience, one that they will be happy to share with their friends.

When you work with us you get one-to-one attention with me personally, a helping hand if required, and a designers eye-for-detail. We are blessed to be working in an industry where all our customers invite us to help on their most special of occasions, our customers are always so are excited and happy, their enthusiasm is contagious, we love it and never take this job for granted.

Wow, this all sounds great Ger and Sarah! You truly come across as passionate individuals, who love what you do. I wish you all the best in the future with Feel Good Invites!

Get connected with Feel Good Invites, and find their designs on Not on the High Street and Etsy

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Supplier Spotlight: Introducing Favours Unique

I met Yvonne about a month ago at the Brides of Culture Wedding Exhibition. As soon as I saw her stand I was immediately drawn to it. The beautifully created, diamante embellished wedding stationery and invites were certainly eye-catching. It wasn’t until Yvonne approached me that I discovered that each and every one of them was hand-made!

I caught up with Yvonne, Creative Director and Founder of Favours Unique Ltd, to find out more about her elegant creations. Over to you Yvonne…..

How long have you been designing wedding stationery?
“Mmmm… initially it started of as a hobby a little over 4 years ago, but I started the business early 2012”

You must love all of your designs, but if you had to choose, which would be your favourite range?
“My favourite? Now that’s a tough one. Simply because each time I design a card I say to myself, ‘Now that’s better than the last one’. But if I had to choose then it would be the Aso-Ebi / African print collection. At the moment I’m really into using African prints; not printed paper but the actual African material i.e., Ankara, Kente…..”

Favours Unique_Aso Ebi_Kente_Wedding Invitations

Do you provide any other services?
‘Yes I do. I also specialise in venue décor/design and as part of the venue décor package I provide free ‘on day coordination’ for the couple.”

Tell us about the design process. How do you work with the bride and groom to ensure you design a wedding invitation that they’ll love?
“Sometimes, by just talking to them, I will already have an idea of what they would like… but to make sure that I incorporate the colours or theme that they want, I will have a consultation with them. This is usually 2-3 hours, but sometimes longer. I go through their wedding scrapbook, and ask them a few questions to find out if there is a particular style of invitation or embellishment they have in mind. At the same time I let them know what will work with their style….

…..Once I start working on the invite, I send the couple a draft of the wording for them to proof read before printing. When it comes to the actual design, I send them pictures of what I have designed, and if they are happy with it then I go ahead and make them. In saying that, there have been a few instances where the design I start with is actually not what I end up with. I have had to make a few changes along the way either because the embellishment or size of the ribbon doesn’t look right. Sometimes, it just looks better with a bow. Ultimately, I try to bring the couples ideas to life!”

Favours Unique Ltd

Do you have any tips on how a bride and groom could prepare for an initial consultation?
“A scrapbook is always a good idea. Not all brides have this so having pictures of everything to do with your wedding e.g., your dress, flowers, shoes, décor, cake, transport etc is great. Not just pictures of invitations! This gives me ideas and a better understanding on the type of design that would suite the couple.’

Favours Unique Ltd_Embellished Wedding Invitation_Gold

With so many options to choose from e.g., save the dates, menu cards, RSVP cards, place cards etc. What would your advice be to a couple who are feeling overwhelmed by the different types of stationery?
“Well it’s always good to start with the most important ones, for example, save the dates, invitations, order of service/order of ceremony. The rest such as menu cards, place cards, favours, guestbook, wedding post box, thank you cards, RSVP’s, seating plan, all depend on the style of wedding you want to have. If your guest are able to sit anywhere then you will not need place cards or a seating plan. It also depends on whether you want to go for the traditional way of doing things (e.g., including your RSVP in the invite with a return envelope for your guest) or the modern way (e.g., using social media for your RSVP’s or save the dates).”

Favours Unique Ltd_Pink Wedding Invitations

Is there a particular wedding invitation trend that you love at the moment?
“I’m loving lace, pearls and anything Gatsby!”

Finally, what advice would you give to a couple who want to save as much as they can, but still desire elegant and sophisticated invites?
“To consider alternatives. For example, if the budget cannot stretch to a large card, go for the next size down. Instead of going for a large embellishment, go for something smaller so you still get the sophisticated look that is within your budget range.”

Was great speaking with you Yvonne. I’m sure my readers will appreciate all the tips and advice you’ve so kindly offered! I wish you all the best for the future.

Connect with Favours Unique Ltd via:
Telephone: 02088038357 / 07752018775

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Image Credit: Favours Unique Ltd


Supplier Spotlight: BerinMade Wedding Stationery

Hello my lovelies. Hope you all had a nice weekend! I’m currently enjoying the warm sunshine in my second home, Monte Carlo, and i’ll be out here for a couple of days!

I recently discovered these beautiful floral infused and calligraphy adorned wedding stationery by the creative and artistic BerinMade. London based, but with recognition and a client base that is worldwide, BerinMade’s love of ‘fanciful illustrations and beautifully crafted lettering’, makes them one of the go to stationers for couples that love the artistic flair and aesthetic, but also want something that is elegantly executed. Their stationery ranges from ready-to-go, semi-custom, DIY, and custom.

Since the launch of their paper goods collection in early 2012, BerinMade have captured the attention of national magazines such as Conde Nast Brides, You & Your Wedding, Wedding Magazine and Perfect Wedding. They were even awarded the National Best Newcomer in the UK in the Wedding Industry Awards this year! If that’s not enough they’re beautiful creations have also been featured in popular wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, and Wedding Chicks!

What I love even more about BerinMade is the philosophy that guides their work….”built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ– everything we have here is because of His love. We try to share that love with those who are in need. From the year 2013, for every wedding package booked, 10% of the proceeds go towards funding children’s stationery supplies at school in India”….Ah-mazing!!

BerinMade_Wedding Stationery Suite_Peony


BerinMade_weddingstationery_calligraphy menu

Calligraphy menu_BerinMade

Wedding Stationery_BerinMade_CoordinatedForYou Blog




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Image Credit: BerinMade