Wedding Tips: Where to Save So You Can Splurge

Most of us like to get the most for our money, but obviously without compromising on quality. When it comes to your wedding there are always places you can cut back on costs, however I’ve always felt that there are certain areas you should always splurge. After all, you only get married once! Check out my list of savings. You’ll thank me later when you’re walking out of Selfridges with your dream wedding shoes!


The number one way to save on your wedding costs is to limit your guest list. The fewer guests you invite the further your catering, invitations and décor costs will decrease.

Select a wedding season and date that is not so popular. For example, you may want to hold your wedding between the months of October and May, and during the week rather than on a Saturday.

Wedding Advice_ Where to Save So You Can Splurge

Although not an easy task, try and find a wedding venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol. It’s likely you will still have to pay a corkage fee, however it is still cost effective. Alternatively, you could limit the type of drinks you offer. For example, you could offer beer, wine and a signature cocktail, or beer, wine, and a few liquors with mixers.

Cake!! One of my favourite things in the world, but it can be costly especially when you want something grand and fancy. Not to worry though, you could still have this! Why not have your cake designer create faux layers (made from styrofoam) to achieve the grand look, and the rest of your wedding guests can be served with sheet cake.

Wedding Tips_Where to Save So You Can Splurge

With your florist’s help, select flowers that are in season or have a similar aesthetic to those that you simply adore. Maybe a full rose bouquet may be out of your budget, so why not opt for blooms such as the lisianthus, ranunculus, or camellias, which can be just as beautiful.


All of these tips and advice should leave you with a little more to splurge on the things you really want! Maybe that gorgeous Marchesa gown you’ve been eyeing up at Browns Bride, a pair of red bottoms, or a well-deserved beauty-pampering package!!

how to save on your wedding

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Hidden Wedding Costs…make sure you’re clued up!

Wedding Stationery

I bet when you were ordering those amazing invites you didn’t think about postage and packaging costs! Remember there’s the cost of getting them shipped to you and then the other cost of posting them out to your wedding guests. Most couples don’t take this factor into consideration, so make sure you do…… along with the cost of stamps! This doesn’t mean that you have to opt for the most basic invitations, you can still make a statement….take a look at this.


The Dress
9 times out of 10 a bride will need to alter her wedding gown. Ask the bridal shop how much they charge for alterations before buying your dress. You don’t want to end up forking out too much when you didn’t budget for it.


Wedding ceremonies in both registry offices and churches require a fee to be paid. Many people don’t take this into account, neither do they think they will have to pay for their marriage certificates. The church fee usually includes the vicar, church, calling your banns, certificate, lighting and admin.
This is why it’s important to plan early – talk to your vicar and find out about the costs, including the cost for a choir as this usually is not free. Take a look at Your Church Wedding site for more details.


Your band/ DJ
Whether you’re having a band, DJ, or both make sure you fully inform them of the layout of your venue, or better still have them pay a visit. This way they will be able to know if they need any additional equipment, as this can come at an additional cost, especially if your venue is large. This extra equipment may be needed to make sure the sound is right!


Your suppliers e.g., wedding photographer, videographer, band, DJ, can charge you additional fees if they’ve had to work longer than expected. How to solve this issue: Before signing any contracts check what their overtime costs will be and try to anticipate how long each event of the day will take – be realistic and you won’t be paying unexpected costs.

Food for your suppliers
Now it’s up to you if you offer your suppliers a meal at your wedding. I say you should – it will give them fuel especially if they are working long hours and they’ll thank you for it. However, it does not mean that you have to provide them with the 3 course meal your guests are having. Have your caterer prepare something less expensive….Kelly Chandler from The Bespoke Wedding Company recommends something like lasagne and chips “which is cheaper than the event menu but filling,”…… “They should be charged at about half the price of your guests’ meals.”


If you're only hiring a venue and not taking on their additional services such as catering etc, beware that you may have to pay cleaning and breakdown costs. Find out how much this may cost in advance!


Corkage fees
Sourcing your own booze can be a huge cost-saver, but bear in mind that many venues and caterers will tack on a substantial charge. “Even if you’ve found wine for £5 a bottle versus the £20 wines on their list, it might cost you £15 per bottle in corkage, so it’s not really worth your while,” says Kelly. “Alcohol is where they make their money, so they will often try to discourage you from bringing your own.” Bottom line: don’t go buying cases of champers on offer until you’ve checked your venue’s policy……………………..


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