Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Here are 5 wedding planning mistakes to avoid and have a stress free, and enjoyable lead up to your wedding day!


Skipping the pro and going with the amateur
You may think that hiring a professional is going to cost you a fortune, but hiring an amateur will cost you even more! A professional, whether its a photographer, wedding planner, or florist will have expertise and will surely get the job done and deliver. Hiring one of your friends to photograph your wedding just because they like photography is a no no! Opting for someone who has some form of training and experience is the way forward!

5 Wedding Mistakes to avoid | Coordinated For You Blog

Not creating a schedule
This is another aspect of the wedding planning process that you will receive assistance with if you hire a wedding planner. However, if you choose to do the planning on your own creating a schedule for the day will avoid confusion. Your bridal party and suppliers should have a copy of this. Include important information such as main contacts with telephone numbers, directions to the venue, and a detailed timeline of what will be taking place and at what times. This way everyone will know where he or she is supposed to be, what they should be doing.

Spending way over your budget
We all like nice things, and when it comes to your wedding I’m sure you’ll want the same. However, nice does not necessarily mean expensive. You can still achieve a gorgeous aesthetic across your flowers, stationery, decor and so on, without having the budget of a celebrity. There are also many tips and advice out there such as opting for a lisianthus flower rather than a rose, which is mush more cost effective.

Not creating a contingency plan
Failing to plan, is planning to fail. I’m sure you have all heard this saying. Well it’s true! You may be holding your wedding in the Summer, but there is always a possibility that it can rain. If you’re planning on having a specific aspect of your wedding outdoors e.g. cocktail hour, you may want to consult with your venue and find out if there is a spare room you can decorate. This way you can move your guests to this room just in case the weather turns bad.

Losing sight of the true meaning
Don’t forget it’s your wedding day! You want a day that truly reflects you and your finance. So try not to get caught up in the trivial arguments and decisions that really do not require you to be pulling your hair out!

5 Wedding Mistakes to avoid | Coordinated For You Blog

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Wedding Etiquette: Table Planning

 If it’s not hard enough organising a wedding guest list, planning exactly where everyone will dit can be another tedious task. Now, you might be thinking, well why can’t everyone just sit where they want? Well, that’s always an option, however, a lot of guests do prefer to be assigned to a seat. Plus, if you’re having a sit down meal and some of your guests have special dietary requirements, it makes it easier for the waiters and waitresses to find them. 

Table Planning Etiquette | Coordinated For You


The first place to start is with your immediate family e.g. parents, grandparents, close uncles and aunties. You may decide to have some of them on the top table with you, however if you decide not to it’s probably best to have them as close to your table as possible. 

When planning the rest of the tables stick to these guidelines to ensure a stress free process:

  • Mix family and friends of similar ages together as they are more likely to get along better and find it easy to make conversation
  • Wherever you can try and sit friends together, especially if you’re inviting work colleagues
  • Whatever you do, do not split up couples
  • If you’re having children, designate a table especially for them with games and activities to keep them entertained

Wedding Table Planning: how to | Coordinated For You Blog

Do you have any tips and advice for stress-free table planning? Would love to hear from you. Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below.


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5 Successful Wedding Planning Tips

As we all know wedding planning can be and is most of the time stressful. From chasing up RSVP’s and finding the right venue, to managing the budget and sourcing the best suppliers. It can become overwhelming, however if you follow these basic wedding planning tips the journey can be a lot smoother than you thought.


The earlier the better
Planning a wedding can take up a lot of time and resources, therefore you’ll want to start as early as possible. Leaving the planning process till late will put you under a lot of stress and you may not be able to source all your suppliers on time.

start your wedding planning early

Wedding insurance in this day and age is very important. Imagine if your supplier suddenly went bust or maybe you or your partner had an unexpected illness so the wedding had to be cancelled! I’m also sure you would dread the thought of your wedding rings being stolen. Why take the chance? Depending on what type of insurance you take out, all of these things can be covered.

Make sure there is a valid contract for each supplier you decide to work with. To put it simply, contracts should always include what products or service the supplier is providing, the costs of these, your signature and the supplier’s signature. Most importantly, read the contract CAREFULLY and THOROUGHLY before signing on the dotted line. This way you can check for any discrepancies and save yourself a whole lot of hassle.

Keep in contact
Once your suppliers are booked make sure you keep in contact with them. You do not want to find out a few days before your wedding that they have double booked and will no longer be able to provide you with their service. I guess this is where your insurance comes into play; however you still do not want the stress of having to source another supplier at the very last-minute.

Contingency Plans
Create emergency plans for anything that may go wrong e.g., basic sewing kit for any dress and suit disasters, check to see what plans your suppliers have in place in case of any unforeseen circumstances and so on.

If you started the wedding planning process early, you should pretty much have the majority of things under control. This should now be the time for you and your partner to sit back, relax and spend quality time together.

Following these wedding planning tips should reduce any stress or worry. However, with the many details involved in planning a wedding, you may wish to enlist the help of a wedding planner. There is a planner for every wedding budget, so don’t rule the option out and think that they are only for the rich and famous. Imagine how valuable it would be to have the expertise and skill of a professional. A great investment for a priceless day!

keep calm and hire a wedding planner